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Monaghan P.C. is a firm focused on meeting the challenges that face both emerging growth companies as well as the traditional business community. Our attorneys drive growth by offering our business clients support and expertise in business formation, finance and capitalization, mergers and acquisitions, business development strategies, complex contract negotiations, and litigation. We can serve as your trusted outside counsel for all of the operational and strategic needs of your business.

The firm has extensive experience representing clients in business transactions including workout agreements, vendor contract drafting and negotiations, buy-sell agreements, shareholder agreements, articles of incorporation, bylaws, and various real estate, tax, and contract matters. The firm’s attorneys advise clients on legal and business strategy issues, financing and governance issues and rendering legal opinions on matters of specific inquiry.

Our business lawyers work with our corporate clients on a variety of legal issues, including:

Entity Formation

We help business clients select the type of organizational entity under which to operate. Our legal services include preparing all agreements, advising on financing and funding for business operations, and handling the sale and purchase of a business, employee relations, non-compete agreements and dissolution.

Contract Review and Negotiation

Contracts are often written in legal language that can be difficult to understand. The nuances and facets of the legal terms often require a keen legal eye to decipher and fully understand the potential impacts of the contract.

We draft contracts in virtually all business areas. We also defend and litigate contract terms when the terms are breached. We are highly experienced in negotiating business terms for contracts, resolving contract performance disputes, and evaluating appropriate remedies for breached contracts. Clients rely on our attention to detail and full understanding of the law when it comes to contract matters. We handle all aspects of issues related to contracts, including:

  • Contract drafting: Our business lawyers can work with you to prepare any contracts that you may need, tailoring the language to protect your interests and minimize risk.
  • Contract review: We can work through the language in a contract to break the legal terms in language that you can understand. Our lawyers make changes and revisions when necessary and advise you of the obligations set forth in the contract.
  • ​Contract negotiation: We work on your behalf with the other side to negotiate the terms of a contract to meet your needs.
  • Contract disputes: When the terms of a contract are breached or otherwise disputed, the issue may be negotiated between the two parties or litigated in court to reach a resolution. Our knowledgeable lawyers can effectively and aggressively articulate our clients’ positions prior to litigation and in court before a judge or jury when necessary.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The Michigan business lawyers at Monaghan P.C. focus on helping companies plan, implement, and execute their merger and acquisition plans and objectives. Our goal is to deliver effective and efficient solutions, while working proactively with clients to protect their interests. We offer expertise, experience, practicality, and responsiveness.

Shareholder Agreements and Disputes

Monaghan P.C. represents numerous shareholders in corporations ranging from small, family-owned corporations to large privately held corporations. There are many issues that may arise between shareholders, including freeze-outs, option disputes, breach of shareholder agreement issues, non-compete issues, and other matters. We have the experience and the resources necessary to fully analyze the issues that may exist within your organization and determine the proper course of action for your situation.


Our business litigators conduct trials and appeals in the state and federal courts, as well as before various administrative agencies. In addition, we are experienced in handling arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.


We also handle any issues related to receiverships, including fact finding, settlement agreements, and fairness opinions.

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