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Bloomfield Hills Probate Attorney

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Handling Will Contests and Other Probate Matters

Without the proper handling of an estate after the death of a loved one, the beneficiaries and heirs may have to pay more estate taxes than necessary, preventing them from obtaining all of the benefit of the estate. Probate can also be a confusing process, especially if the estate is being challenged.

Founded over 100 years ago, Monaghan P.C. is a firm that is focused on addressing clients' needs and providing quality service. With lawyers ready to stand up for your rights at a moment's notice, we understand the difficulty clients often have addressing legal estate issues. These can be made even more difficult as clients are often also attempting to cope with their grief over a recently lost loved one. We can take the time to help clients understand how to deal with the probate process before it even starts, after it has begun or if litigation arises.

Probate Litigation

In some cases, there is a dispute among heirs about how the estate is being handled and what the rights of inheritance are. When there is an argument over the terms of the distribution of an estate, an individual may challenge the estate with a will contest or probate lawsuit. We are aggressive litigators who can help you in court.

Our firm handles probate litigation issues, along with trust litigation and will contests, for clients who are challenging the estate or are on the receiving end of the lawsuit. Regardless of your situation, it is important to seek an efficient resolution so the estate can be distributed to the rightful beneficiaries.

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We can help you understand probate and resulting probate litigation issues. Contact our experienced probate litigation attorneys today. Call us at (248) 642-5770.


Bloomfield Hills Probate Attorney


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