Local Counsel

If your out-of-state client is involved in a lawsuit or other legal controversy in Michigan, you are likely looking for experienced local counsel to provide excellent legal services within a flexible framework of collaboration.

Monaghan, P.C. is a trusted resource as local counsel for numerous out-of-state or international clients and their in-house or corporate attorneys. You don't have to be a Michigan attorney to handle a legal issue in Michigan. However, there is significant value in having a local attorney on your side if you are engaged in a business or civil litigation matter in our state. As an established Detroit area firm, our attorneys know the local jurisdictions, the judges and other legal professionals who practice here. We are also attuned to the business climate, the real estate market and other factors that may affect your case. We have extensive experience practicing in federal court, where the rules and procedures are markedly different from other courts.

If you are searching for a lawyer to handle your business or civil litigation matter in Michigan, or are an out-of-state attorney seeking local counsel, we are here to serve your interests. Monaghan, P.C. represents out-of-state businesses and individuals in a wide range of legal matters. We work with our clients and their lead counsel to determine how much involvement is required of our attorneys to produce the best results for them. Our business litigators conduct trials and appeals in the federal and state courts, as well as before various administrative agencies. We also defend and litigate contracts when the terms of a contract are breached. We are highly experienced in negotiating and drafting contracts, negotiating contract performance disputes, and evaluating the appropriate remedies for breached contracts.

Because of the many cases our attorneys have tried, both as local counsel in Michigan and with local counselthroughout the country, we know the role of local counsel is never the same from one case to the next. We stand ready to provide as much or little local assistance as is needed to get the job done. We will file pleadings, provide advice on local practice and procedure, discuss our experiences with state and federal judges, research legal issues, aid in discovery, assist with motions, hearings or scheduling conferences, or help with whatever else is needed.