About Us

Monaghan P.C. was founded in 1902 by Peter and George Monaghan, with the goal of providing large firm expertise and resources with a boutique-firm commitment to client service. Throughout the firm's century-long history, our commitment to producing results for clients and to an unparalleled standard of excellence has been integrated into the ideals and training of each generation of dedicated attorneys, including such notable names as United States Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy and U.S. Senator Phillip Hart.

In 1971, Monaghan P.C. became a professional corporation. The firm represents a wide range of clients, providing the individual the same commitment and expertise as it does to educational and religious institutions, public entities or its broad base of commercial and professional enterprises.

Celebrating its centennial anniversary in 2002, Monaghan P.C. remains committed to continuing the precepts of our founding principles. Peter and George Monaghan set a high standard of excellence which we are dedicated and honored to maintain and deliver to our clients over a hundred years later. They felt that to be successful and to provide elite service, an attorney must be able to provide personalized client attention and results.